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atlanta furniture stores review

Dream Home Interiors for the Home

Dream Home Interiors for the Home

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When setting up your home and designing it, there are various different elements to add and consider. Dream Home Interiors offer a wide range of choices to their customers for the important rooms in the home.

Designing a home and setting the interiors is hard work. There are various different things to keep in mind when selecting the furniture, carpeting, upholstery, etc. Travelling from store to store to find matching pieces and create a harmonious theme is quite difficult. At such times, Dream Home Interiors offers customers a wide range of choices within their budget. Whether it is for the living room, the bedroom or the office itself, there are various options for customers to choose from. They come in different sizes, textures and colors and a person is sure to find something to match their ideal design.

There are various different pieces of furniture required in each room in a home. Whether it is for the bedroom, the office, the patio, etc., there is something for everyone to be found in at Dram Home Interiors. They even have furniture for kid’s rooms from bunk beds to night stands and even cribs. With the wide range of furniture on offer, they also offer various accessories such as armoires, ottomans, corner lamps, mirrors etc.

No Credit Check Financing

modern luxury home interior 300x209 Dream Home Interiors for the HomeAlong with a wide range of products, they also offer convenient financing options; they have a 2 year ‘No Interest’ financing as well as a ‘No Credit Check’ financing. This helps customers refurnish their homes at affordable rates and with good payment options. They even provide customer with the option to rent-to-own furniture.

With regard to delivery, Dream Home Interiors not only provides delivery, but placement and removal of packing equipment as well. This ensures that after delivery, there is no mess created.

Dream Home Interiors also offers its customers a ‘Room Planner’ tool which helps them set up the room before having any delivery done. This helps them plan the layout of furniture to the best possible setting before ordering furniture and its delivery. There are various brands which provide their products to this store including Amisco, Better Homes and Gardens, Clayton Marcus, Jonathan Louis, etc. Each brand has its own furniture which can easily be found on this site and purchased.

There are some, however, who have complained about the prices of products, the delivery, etc. However, the overall experience of customers as per reviews is quite good. Customers have also complained about unusual delay in delivery and their system of not providing refunds. They only provide store credits and thus the customer must purchase something else from their store instead.

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