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atlanta furniture stores review

IKEA Stores – A Review

IKEA Stores – A Review

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IKEA stores started off selling small accessories and now have grown into a full fledge international furniture brand. They are known of very affordable products. Though cost is not a concern, quality definitely is. There have been many complaints lodged against IKEA primarily related to product quality and delivery.

ikea furniture for bedrooms 300x200 IKEA Stores – A ReviewThe company started off in a small village in Sweden in the year 1943. IKEA product range completely meets all your furniture needs. They offer a wide range of well- designed and a large selection of functional home furniture. The prices are also quite low and very affordable. The IKEA range also includes products for every room in your home. IKEA products are sold in exclusive IKEA stores. Their way of thinking is always simple and straightforward. They always reflect and facilitate the easy, natural and unconstrained way of life. Most of their designs appeal to all those people who are young at heart. Another important fact is that well designed products need not necessarily be expensive. All IKEA designers give importance to both the price tag and the functional need. They look to secure the lowest possible price. The experts have vast knowledge of low cost manufacturing processes and are always coordinated fashionably. The large volumes manufactured further reduce the costs greatly. The transportation is done in the latest flat packs. The prices are again reduced during both transportation and storage.

IKEA designers are experts and do their jobs with a thorough professionalism. Some IKEA customers contribute greatly in keeping the prices affordable. They usually select and pick up the furniture themselves, get them transported and even assemble them themselves. This makes them enjoy the purchase from the same day.

You should not have expectations to buy durable quality furniture at IKEA. It is definitely more affordable but not durable enough. Most furniture stores sell affordable but low quality furniture. They usually have short lifespan. Disassembling the furniture to move them around further reduce its life. Some customers also have many other negative experiences. Though the price was moderate, the actual product does not meet industry standards. The customer service was also pretty poor and most people were dissatisfied. Furniture sold to them was of poor quality and at times even defective. When asked for a replacement, it took really long for the replacement to arrive. Their delivery methods were quite bad. The availability of products also varies, especially when it comes to replacement of furniture. At times some designs look different online and when it is delivered to your home variations are present. Some people have also reported receipt of defective furniture. Most people tend to get carried away by discounts but one should exercise caution before purchase.

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