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Mattress Firm Store – A Review

Mattress Firm Store – A Review

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Maximum Store furniture a well known furniture brand. They have a wide range of choices. You can purchase either from retail stores or you can buy the furniture online. Though delivery methods are proclaimed greatly the actual experience of customers is pretty poor.

bedcontoursignature 300x300 Mattress Firm Store – A ReviewA good mattress is one of the most important factors for a good sleep. Choosing a new mattress is a vital decision. Mattress Firm store allows you to buy with a lot of confidence. Very few stores offer a refund against dissatisfaction and Mattress Firm is one of them. They assure a refund of your entire purchase amount in case you are not fully satisfied. This is applicable for a time period of 100 days of your original purchase. A red carpet premium service is something unique to Mattress Firm. In this service, if your product fails to deliver within a 3 hours window period then you will get the purchase for free. The delivery is promised on the same day or the following day. In case your product delivery is delayed, you can simply call up the store and provide details of the purchase post signing on the delivery manifest along with the store’s delivery time stamp. The entire amount will be credited to your account or a refund check will be issued within a time period of 3 weeks. The personnel from Mattress Firm also make it a point to set up the mattress at your home. Most of the other stores have also emulated this service concept. The delivery staff is both professional and quite courteous.

Maximum Firm Store creations are mostly aimed at consumers with smaller budgets. The expert designers have all collections of mattresses under one roof. You can also buy most of their products from both online and retail stores. Maximum Store is one of the leading names in America. Defining characteristics include quality, selection, style and service. Any queries will be immediately dealt with by the respective store where the product was purchased.

Delivery methods are poor in reality. In fact most customers have negatively spoken precisely of the delivery aspect. The timelines were not respected and when the concerned personnel were questioned they gave unsatisfactory answers. The quality of the mattress was also a big concern. Most complaints received referred to bad quality. The replacement was also of similar quality. Usually the same product was fixed and sent back after repackaging. The availability of products also varies, again this can cause a lot of inconvenience related to delayed delivery and one may have to settle for another design. At times variations in designs were present when seen online and when actually delivered.

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