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atlanta furniture stores review

Red Gate Home Furnishings – A Review

Red Gate Home Furnishings – A Review

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Red Gate Home Furnishings is a reputed brand. They have a wide range of furniture selections. You can purchase online easily and the product gets delivered to your home. Some customers have had bad experiences while shopping with them. These negatives were largely related to quality and delivery timelines.

glhome0311 206 300x200 Red Gate Home Furnishings – A ReviewRed Gate Home Furnishings uses a wide variety of home furniture. This is one key store where you can get to purchase furnishings for all rooms in your home. It is quite easy to browse through their amazing website and choose the collections that suit you the best. They have the best designs and offer great collections. They carry a huge selection of different types of bedroom furniture, theater seating, dining tables and bunk-beds room sets. Another good advantage is that all the prices are directly from the factory and hence there are absolutely no middle men involved. The prices are affordable. Normally the retail stores employ staff on a commission basis. This is not the case with Red Gate Home Furnishings. They have minimal staff so that the amount spent in paying the employees is relatively low. Hence all the savings are passed on to the customer. They are one of the most respected furniture companies. Their mission is to provide you with amazing home furnishings. Delivery is faster in metro areas. They offer elegant and affordable designs without compromising on quality. The product is usually delivered same day or the very next day. Service personnel are professional and friendly.

Some customers of Red Gate Home Furnishings have had negative experiences. The furniture was not of great quality. Though the price was quite high, the actual product did not meet the industry standards. The customer service was also pretty poor and most people were dissatisfied. Furniture sold to them was of poor quality and at times even defective. When asked for a replacement, it took really long for the replacement to arrive. Their delivery methods were also pretty bad. They advertise free delivery, next day delivery and other such marketing ploys but in reality things were much different. The availability of products also varies, especially when it comes to replacement of furniture. Again this can cause inconvenience related to delayed delivery and one may have to settle for a different design. At times some designs look different online and when it is delivered to your home variations are present. Some people have also reported receipt of defective furniture. Most people tend to get carried away by offers and discounts but one should double check them before accepting. Red Gate Furnishings enjoys a good reputation but certain flaws in their products and services make it score badly among some customers.

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