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Underpriced Furniture – A Review

Underpriced Furniture – A Review

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Underpriced furniture is the fastest growing store in Atlanta. The prices are offered at best rates and delivery is promised on the same day. Most customers feel there is a lack in quality of the products. Some have reported bad deliveries too.

european furniture design 300x181 Underpriced Furniture – A ReviewAs the name itself suggests, the best prices are available at Underpriced Furniture store. It is one of the quickest growing stores in Atlanta. Their mission was quite simple: offering great quality furniture at best affordable prices to the customer. They also ensure to provide excellent customer service. In fact this is one of the main reasons of the store achieving its current status in the market today.  There are a large number of lesser quality furniture brands that may boast of a similar look or material like the ones belonging to Underpriced Furniture. However the price tag makes all the difference. This commitment is dependent on certain factors such as delivery set up, availability and demand of the item. They are also known for prompt delivery. Any purchase that you make before 4pm on any workday, it will be delivered to your place on the same day.  The customer is also offered a money back guarantee offered for 7 days after the purchase. If the customer is not fully satisfied the entire bill amount will be refunded or the product replaced. Their tagline is ‘if it is not Underpriced then it is really Overpriced.’ They have been in this furniture business for close to 25 years. They also make sure the purchase is quick with a half-hour turnaround time. Like most other stores all major credit cards are accepted. Financing is also available to people in need; this is a good feature.

In spite of all the positivity about the Underpriced Furniture store, some customers have had negative experiences. Firstly, the furniture was not of great quality. Though the price was quite low, the actual product did not meet common industry standards. The customer service was also pretty poor and most people were dissatisfied with the experience of getting help from the customer support panel. Furniture sold to them was of poor quality and at times even defective. When asked for a replacement, it took really long for the replacement to arrive. Their delivery methods were not as advertised. The availability of products also varies, especially when it comes to replacement of furniture. Again this can cause inconvenience related to delayed delivery and one may have to settle for a different design. At times some designs look different online and when it is delivered to your home variations are present. Some people have also reported receipt of defective furniture.

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